GloriaTheAnimator's Ultimate Hair Shader for blender

71 ratings
I want this!

GloriaTheAnimator's Ultimate Hair Shader for blender

71 ratings

This Ultimate Hair Shader is made by GloriaTheAnimator

for free and open source usage

you can modify it as you wish

all i ask in return is that when you use it to credit me (GloriaTheAnimator) for the free shader

you can preview how the shader works under difrent lighing conditions by

checking/unchecking the premade light collections, or by moving the lights

thank you for using this little toon shader <3


Q: does this support texture maps?

A: absoloutly yes, it supports diffuse textures, and as of recent update normal maps.

Q: why does it look so colorless or dull?

A: most likely because your color managment is set to filmic instead of standard, this shader is meant for standard to have most pure colors.

Q: does this work in cycles

A: i made this shader for eevee, and therefore it only works in eevee.

Q: does this have normal map support?

A: the first version 1.0 does not but this new version 1.1 does have normal map support, but im not sure how it will be usefull, but you folks will figure it out.

Q: does this work for other kinds of materials?

A: this one is specialized for hair so it might work kinda crappy for other materials, i recomend downloading my easy toon shader, you can find it on my gumroad.

Q: can this be used in ue4 or other third party software?

A: no, simply because this material setup has quite a few layers to it, and because of blenders unique material system, they cannot be exported to be used in other software.

Q: does this work for blender versions below 2.8?

A: no, because this shader is exclusive for eevee and older blender versions below 2.8 dont have eevee

if you have any more questions or suggestions contact me on twitter (@GloriaAnimator) or

on discord (https://discord.com/invite/F3RfRQg)

version 1.0

legal license

you may use this for commercial projects, personal projects and educational projects,

but you may not sell this shader but you may sell meshes that use it

as long as the product being sold is not the shader

by using this shader you agree to the terms stated above

thanks to lemon powder for node cleanup

I want this!
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